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Why doesn't REI carry roller skiing equipment?

Why doesn't REI offer anything in the way of roller skis or inline skates?  I have been using both in the summer for about 6 years to stay in shape for the cross country and downhill ski season and they definitely keep you much more ready than regular exercise programs in terms of balance, muscle memory, and targeted muscle strengthening.  Drawback is I am usually disappointment when I need to buy replacement parts from the store that sold the skis/skates (plus the gear that goes along with them have the same problem, a hodgepodge of different unreliable sources for poles, tips, safety gear, etc.).  Many large ski brands sold at REI manufacture inline skates (see K2) or roller skis (see Fischer).  Rollerblade even has a skate to ski self training program that has been out for I think two years.  I would welcome the REI customer service and guarantees behind these fun summer products. 

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Thanks for reaching out and we apologize it took us this long to get back to you! In the past, REI has carried in line skates by K2 and Rollerblade, however, it has been several years since that was the case. We will be sure to pass your feedback along to our buyers so they are aware of the interest.

Thank you!


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