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Why do you not identify products made in China? Imported does not cut it.

I will not buy products made in China.  Anywhere else is ok.  You should identify country of origin and manufacturing.

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"1038 - Before color television"  You mean there was life on earth before color TV?Well, there was - I can evendimly remeember B/W TV....

When did REI print their first catalog?  I can remember grabbing mine when it came and searching for goodies.  I think in the 60s the catalogs came out at six month intervals, more or less.

1938  was about to initiate some interesting times.  For how long wasREI able to order direct from Austria and how did the Co-op survive the war years?

I joined in 1963-64 or thereabouts and the fee had doubled to two bucks!!!


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@hikermor those are some good questions!  

Not sure how many answers we can come up with but @REI-JohnJ is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the Co-op’s history! I’m sure he’d be happy to share what he knows!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-JohnJ, ha! you're on the hook now, no pressure! 😰

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Please demand diversity in the suppliers to your vendors and manufacturers. Do not rely on one country too much as it is not a common sense and also in not our interest. 


uh, oh...I read the article, totally forgot about the ice axe offer several years ago, definitely screwed up not getting one, ouch! 😖

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1/2 the products in your house probably came from China, why the need to climb on the high horse now? Will you be selling or donating those? Not likely. I speak for only myself, i don't give a hoot what you do.

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A more long-term reason is the need for manufacturing to return to our country.  An economy without a strong manufacturing "foundation" is one that is not properly built for the future.

This is especially true for pharmaceuticals.  And, I imagine that if quality becomes a special part of US manufacturing community, its reputation will create a demand, and even warrant a higher return to the manufacturer.  With that, when we see "Made in the USA", most will want to seek out and purchase that item - if for no other reason to help our fellow citizen.