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Why do you not identify products made in China? Imported does not cut it.

I will not buy products made in China.  Anywhere else is ok.  You should identify country of origin and manufacturing.

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@her one of the reasons we are most excited for this new online community is the ability to hear directly from our customers with their feedback, suggestions, concerns and kudos. We appreciate you reaching out with your suggestion to be able to identify country of origin for specific items while shopping on and have passed this along to the appropriate teams at REI for consideration. Knowing there is great complexity within a global supply chain, where individual items even within the same product line can be manufactured in different factories and different countries, this may be a difficult request for us to fulfill online however we are always grateful for the suggestion.

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived.

I look to REI to provide quality products that hopefully are not produced in exploitative sweatshops, in whatever country they may be located.  It is useful to know the country of origin, although in today's globalist economy that may be difficult to determine and somewhat irrelevant in any case.

What is the problem with China?  I would not claim that China is above proper criticism, but that is the case with many other countries, including the USA.

I fear I detect another case of anti-Oriental prejudice, one of our longstanding traditions.  Beginning with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 (not repealed until 1943), and continuing into very recent actions, both public and private, we have been particularly hard on Chinese, whatever the nature of their ruling government.

REI, please continue to provide good, reliable products, produced in a fair, non-exploitative manner. 


The reason to identify the origin is so I can buy from any other country other than China.  They are not our friend.  There is nothing Anti-Oriental prejudice about not buying from China when your willing to purchase from any other oriental country.  I don't like China, they are a communist country that has brought this country to it knees with their lying.  I will not buy products from China.  So identify the manufacturer origin or I don't buy.  Trust me I see a lot of Chinese products sitting on the shelf.  If this new to you wake up.


@her if there is a particular product you are considering and would like to know country of origin, please let us know and we will do our best to track down that information. When our stores are open, this is an easier task as we can check an individual product and likely identify where it was specifically manufactured; during our store closure, this may be more difficult but we're certainly happy to try!

Final thought, although it doesn't exactly address your desire to just avoid one country: on, you can search by "Made in USA."

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived.

Thank you for responding to my question and clarifying your objection.  I tend to regard the Chinese people far more favorably (not necessarily their governmental system).

This is the result of a wonderful month long stay in China as a member of a joint Chinese-American cave exploration project.  We caved with Chinese cavers,often doing fairly technical work,  ate Chinese food prepared by local cooks, transported by Chinese drivers, and stayed inn a variety of establishments, including a farmer's home with livestock quartered on the first floor.  

I was a certified EMT at the time and the expedition's archaeological expertise.  We spentmany nights and days exploring and mapping incredible virgin passages; really caved to our hearts' delight.

What impressed me the most was that no suffered so much as an upset stomach during the entire time.  We were eating local food, and we soon learned not to inquire too closely about the origins of what we were eating.  Whatever we were eating, our tummies handled it quite well a,d my supply of pluggo pills went unused the entire trip.

The people we met were friendly, outgoing, hospitable, and helpful to an astonishing degree.  What ever you may think of their political system, and it certainly has its negatives, the people, given half a chance, as as fine as one will meet anywhere.

When I returned home, the family went out for "Chinese" food.  It wasn't anywhere near as good as what I had consumed in China.



@her wrote:

The reason to identify the origin is so I can buy from any other country other than China... I will not buy products from China...

I'm curious. How did you manage to post this comment?

Virtually every device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc.) capable of posting here was either made in China or contains critical parts that were made in China.



China's people are as good as any other countries.

China's government is bad for the world.

It is not REI's fault many products or parts in one way or another have to come from  China.

Its MY fault and everyone else here and around the world. Money is why.

The world has to back away from China as fast as they can. We need to keep more products made in America. That will mean paying more for them. Talks cheap.


I will try to do this as best as i can.


In light of this discussion, it is worthwhile to recall that REI was started to import needed equipment from abroad that was not made in the USA - ice axes, for instance (REI folks, please correct or add to this ifI  am mistaken).

Even today, many foreign products are better buys than domestic - "Made in the USA" is not a guarantee of quality.  I have owned several vehicles over the years.  The best - a tie between a 1962 VW Beetle and a 1982 Toyota.  The worst - a 1967 Ford 150 pickup that was total garbage.  It came from the factory with a cracked engine block and that was just the beginning of a long list of troubles.  Ford pickups today seem to be much better, thank heaven.

Samsung produced my current smartphone, as well as my refrigerator, replacing a LG unsatisfactory model (LG is a foreign company and the initials stand for "lousy guarantee" as far as I can tell."  You have to search and evaluate carefully in order to get the good stuff.

I served in the military in South Korea in 1961 (no heel spurs or other 4F qualifiers) and Korea was definitely a third world country, making amazing progress since then, to the mutual benefit of the entire free world, creating far more winners than losers.

So, REI, please provide us with good stuff, wherever it comes from.  A good amount will come from right here at home.  


@hikermor it did indeed start with an ice axe!  If anyone is interested in the full story I think this article sums it up quite nicely!

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.