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Why can't your systems "talk" to each other?

I just had the poorest experience trying to return a pair of shoes that were to large for another size.

  1. I take my return in say I wold just like a smaller size
  2. The clerk checks her computer and says "We don't have that size but I can take the return and order the smaller size.
  3. So shoe is pounding away for a few minutes and says "You don't mind cash do you?"
  4. I'm like whatever, if you have to do a full refund and repurchase. Seems like a huge pain in the **bleep** but again whatever...
  5. She is like "Well our return system and ordering system don't talk to each other"...
  6. Then she starts the ordering process...
  7. Then she says "Oh these must have been on sale or something because they are more now"
  8. Annoyed, I say "That's why I just wanted to exchange them!"  
  9. She's like "Let me see what I can do..."
  10. After a few more minutes she got out a calculator and did some math and finally rings it up
  11. I hand her the cash and she she says "Oh I can't take cash for this. OUR ORDERING SYSTEM ANS CASH REGISTERS DON'T TALK TO EACH OTHER!" 
  12. Now I am angry.

Fix this!


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Thank you for reaching out and providing feedback on your recent experience in our store. We are truly sorry for the frustration caused by our systems and the process it took to return your shoes. Were you able to get the correct size ordered? If not, you can call our sales and customer service team at 1-800-426-4840 and they may be able to help you get that completed.

Thank you for being a customer at REI, we are sorry we missed the mark with your exchange.

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