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Which solar charger will work for my laptop?

I am looking at Goal Zero Solar Chargers and very confused about which one will be able to use to run my laptop.  Any help will be appreciated.

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Hey @gerdisch1 Depending on your needs ie portability vs. off the grid solution the size of the power bank and the size of the solar panel that someone might suggest will be different. For a small scale solution take a look at the Sherpa 50 or Sherpa 100AC power bank that can be charged with a Nomad 14 plus or 28 solar panel. If you give more details about what you’re looking for (type of computer or other devices you might charge), where you’re taking the power bank, the conditions you’ll be charging it in (in SE Alaska solar charging takes a really long time) we might be able to give more helpful advice. 


Hello @gerdisch1 !

This is a great question that you brought up!  There seems to be more and more options available in this category and it can be hard to settle on the perfect one versatile enough for all your specific needs.

A great article was written on the subject and I think you will find it incredibly helpful in addition to the feedback provided by members of this community!

Expert Advice: Portable Power 

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