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When will REI in Anchorage open? Retail was allowed to open in Anchorage on April 27

It is very unfair to your employees to stay closed when we have essentially no COVID risk in Anchorage

I'm a long time co-op member and heading to your competitors

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@redwop once of the reasons we are most excited about this online community is the ability to hear directly from our members with their feedback, suggestions, complaints and kudos. We appreciate you reaching out and providing us with your perspective on when we should reopen our Anchorage store.

We continue to closely monitor CDC guidelines and are choosing to prioritize our employee and customer health above all else. This means, for the time being, our stores across the country remain closed.

Behind the scenes, we are preparing to launch new services to make it easier for our customers to get the gear they need, noting that availability of these services will vary by location. We are also working to prepare our store teams for reopening, when the time is right. As we launch new services, and eventually reopen stores, we encourage you to stay connected with and your local store page for updates.

Thanks again for reaching out, and for being a long-time co-op member!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

You are doing your employees and your customers in Anchorage a disservice by remaining closed.  The Bicycle Shop's shop, for example, has stayed open throughout this as an essential business

There is no reason you should be closed, retail was allowed to open April 27th, and your shop could be open right now.

Please have a board member call me and explain to me specifically why the Anchorage store is not open


@redwop we always welcome member feedback for our Board of Directors at the email address!

To help protect your privacy, we have removed your phone number from your post.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I have emailed them and have not received a response.  I tried calling your corporate office and they had no one there with any useful information. Could you please contact the board and have them respond to me.  REI REALLY needs to step up your communication to members if you want our business.  I am moving on to shops that care enough about customers to be open