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When curbside pick-up is ready, will we also be able to return items curbside?

I received an email that curbside pick up will hopefully be available in your stores in the next 45 days. Can we also return items curbside if pickup is implemented?

2 Replies

@DebJ thanks so much for reaching out with this question!

As always, our number one priority is ensuring the health and safety of our employees and customers in any new process we roll out. With that in mind, we do have work underway to offer curbside pick-up, noting that, at first, we will likely only be able to offer this service in select locations as jurisdictions allow. In addition, it is likely that the first version of this service will likely only include curbside pick-up, not curbside returns.

We will certainly provide updates here in the community, as these services become available. Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@DebJ we wanted to follow up to let you know that we have begun to roll out curbside pick-up in select locations, with the plan to expand this service nationwide over time. You can check for participating stores, and read the FAQs about this service, here.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.