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Wheeled Carry-on with flat tire

Hey folks,

I have an REI wheeled carry-on with a detachable backpack that I have lightly used for about 6 years. (three-four short airline trips a year)

My last trip I was wheeling through the airport and it started scraping like i had a flat tire, and that's exactly what happened. The wheel stayed intact on the bag, but the tread had separated and come off.

The bag is still fine, could I get or purchase a pair of replacement wheels? It appears that you no longer carry this bag, but it really only needs the wheels.

(Somehow I posted this originally in the "Adventure Travels" forum, and someone was nice enough to direct me here)



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@BernieH Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear you have a 'flat tire' on your luggage! Unfortunately, we do not sell replacement parts for our luggage. Your best course of action would be to remove the wheels and measure them (the diameter of the wheel, the width of the axle, etc.). You may then be able to find a new set online that will fit your luggage using those measurements. It also may be possible to take the remaining good wheel into a shop that specializes in luggage and see if they have any options available.

Also, I edited your earlier post to remove your e-mail to protect your privacy.

I hope this helps, best of luck!


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