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What's the best way to address an issue with a purchase (thought it was new, but it's used)?

Bought a brand new wahoo bike computer today and noticed that it was actually used. There were already data saved on the bike. Can I get a discount for this item? Thanks!

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@Wapak1322 we're so sorry to hear that the "new" computer you purchased already seems to have data saved on it. We'd recommend either following up with your local REI store's Customer Service team to discuss next steps, or you can call our Customer Support team at 1-800-426-4840. Unfortunately, we are not able to help with order-specific inquiries here in the community.

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Could it be that the numbers you are are the result of some sort of verification or quality control process carried out at the factory?   This could well be the case, especially if the packaging was intact and not compromised.

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