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What is the tag in my profile? Mine is currently S'mores Maker

Hi, Though I am not new to REI, I am new to this conversations page.  It's kind of nice to be able to converse about "outdoor" topics with fellow members.  Question.... I noticed I am tagged as "S'mores Maker" in my profile.  How did that get there and can it be edited?  Thank you! Deej

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Hi @Deej - Thanks so much for bringing this question up! It's a great one. S'mores Maker shows up on your profile because it is your current "rank" in this community. You can increase your rank, thus changing what it says under your username, by posting and responding to others!

You can see more information on ranks (and which titles are ahead for you) on this post, This Community's Rank Structure. You may also appreciate some of the responses from other members on that page!

While you cannot edit it out, hopefully understanding what it is makes it better. It's great to hear that you enjoy being able to talk about all kinds of outdoor topics here in the community. We're so happy you are a part of it and look forward to both learning from you and answering your questions going forward!

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