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What is the process for pursuing gear donations from REI?

Hello REI

I have recently begun guiding ladies group trips to visit some of the caves in the Southeastern Cave Conservancy. I do this of my own time and never charge anything, however I have noticed that some ladies arrive ill equipped or with no equipment. Generally, it’s because they are single mothers and can’t afford it, or borrow from their kids. I am wondering if REI would be so kind as to donate a little gear to help these mothers out. Even used gear would help. I think this would be a great opportunity to get more moms outdoors. We would be happy to send photos and give REI tons of credit. Please let me know what you think.



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@davidfletcherphoto thanks so much for reaching out and thinking of REI as a way to support the individuals who participate in your trips with the Southeastern Cave Conservancy! 

The co-op's community gear donation program aims to support US 501c3 nonprofit organizations whose missions are focused on caring for and increasing access to outdoor recreation places and/or connecting people to the outdoors through human-powered activities. Requests that align with this mission are eligible for co-op branded gear donations, but the budget is limited and we are unable to serve every request. In general, REI's gear donation decisions are made by our teams in our retail stores, so for future requests that align with our giving strategy, please contact your local REI store.

You can read more about our collective impact in our stewardship report.

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