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What does "Customer Type: M" mean?

Taking advantage of the current sale, I ordered a critical item and piced it up at my local REI.  I happened to glance at my sales receipt and noticed, besides the usual entries right below my name and number was a line -"Customer Type:  M"

What does this mean?  I hope it is a grouping along the lines of MAGNIFICENT or MARVELOUS, but could it designate :miserly or mendacious? Th mid reels at the possibilities.....How many types are there?  Do we absorb the entire alphabet, per haps requiring Greek characters?

A type M seeking enlightenment.....


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Hi @hikermor - What a great question. Your listed possibilities just put a smile on my face. You are indeed both a marvelous and magnificent customer!

Another thing you are is a co-op member, which is what the M customer type stands for! While we can't say for certain without seeing your specific receipt that this is the M you are referencing, this is most likely what you are looking at. If you want to share a photo for us to be able to confirm, feel free to post it below.

Hopefully this helps!

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