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What do some of the categories mean on a Return Label?

What does it mean when a return item is labeled non conforming?

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Thanks for reaching out, great question!

'Non-conforming' is part fo the language we use to process items that have been returned. There are many reasons that the distinctions are needed, but for the case of a return label we have two categories we place returned items in: 'damaged' and 'non-conforming'. It is important to remember that these are categories for our returns processing system and not necessarily definitions of what may be wrong with the product.

Generally speaking, 'damaged' means that the item has exceeded its expected product life or failed due to factors other than workmanship. That could mean the item is dirty (i.e. a pair of used boots with dirt and other wear on them) or that there is actual 'damage' to the item (i.e. a tent with a bent pole). 

'Non-conforming' means that the item has failed due to an obvious workmanship issue in the product. An example of this could be that a stitch has pulled out of the cuff of a jacket or there were pieces missing from a packaged item.

It's important to remember that often times these determinations are subjective, may overlap with each other, and often rely on the best judgement of the customer service person in the moment. 

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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