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Weird price protection question - does it work with used gear?

I just ordered a backpack in like new condition from the REI Good and Used online store. Good deal (I think - it hasn’t arrived yet): 20% off retail price, plus shipping.

I just looked in the flier for the upcoming sale. The same pack is 25% off brand-spanking new, plus free shipping.

Is there any protection for something like this?


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Hi @TJB - Thanks for reaching out. That is indeed a rare situation!

We do offer price adjustments for products purchased at REI within the last 14 days that are the same product number, color, and size as the item on sale at REI. Our Customer Support Team handles these requests, so you will need to contact them for further assistance. They can be reached at 1 (800) 426-4840 or via Live Chat

Hopefully this helps!

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I'm confused.  I thought the Used Gear site was different from the website.  When I asked about it via chat, I was told that stuff you bought from Used Gear didn't have the same rules as the stuff.

@GearGrandpa it is true that our Used Gear site operates slightly apart from the website - for example, you will have two separate carts if you are purchasing a piece of used gear and a new piece of gear. In addition, our return policy for used gear is different from our return policy on new items. Despite these differences, our Customer Support team (as @REI-CarterC referenced above) is the right team to connect with for the unique situation the original member describes above.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

No luck. Talked to customer support.

My used pack was $216 plus $7.50 shipping. The sale pack was $202.50 with free shipping.

My option was to return the used pack for credit (paying for shipping) and then order a new pack. I’m on the road (headed to some national parks!), and all that is not really workable for what would net out to a couple of bucks after I pay for return shipping (maybe). No price adjustment available.

It is a nice pack, at least. 😁