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We stand for racial equity.

Over this past week, many of you have asked for more information about REI’s ongoing partnership with organizations and leaders who are working to ensure racial equity outdoors and across our community. For more than a decade, REI has worked with leaders in the fight for racial equity. We are proud to share a few of these groups and ask that you join us in supporting their vital efforts.

Here’s how you can get involved: Get to know these groups working for racial equity. Follow them, share their work, participate in their events and donate if you can.

And in addition to the continued partnership with these organizations, we are also making contributions to the crucial work of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the National Urban League. Read the full article to learn more about some of the co-op partners who support BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) in the outdoors.

To learn more, visit our blog: How to Support Organizations Working Toward a More Inclusive Outdoor Community.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.
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Thank you for the general decent statement without getting into pandering and politics. We all agree that rascism is wrong, even though at least some of us recognize that the current anarchistic kerfluffle is based on a lie. That all being said, since you are fighting for racial equity, would you say then that you should terminate any relationshop you have with businesses in the rascist communist dictatorship of China. Or perhaps a statement supporting a free Tibet would be enough? Or a statement in support of the Uighers?

You do realize that the country is very divided on this topic.  Virtually no one supports racism.  Virtually everyone thinks that George Floyd shouldn't have been killed and excessive force was used.  However, there is nothing to suggest the George Floyd incident was racially based.  Many are against Black Lives Matters and view them as a bullying and racially dividing organization.  Many people believe that what is going on in this country is insane.  Companies are pandering to the demands of the racist Black Lives Matters organization who are seeking to divide the racists and seeking preferential treatment for blacks.  This country is NOT racist, and many are offended by the suggestion that it is.  There are some racist whites and some racist blacks, but the majority of people are NOT racist and society looks down on racist.  REI's actions are going to alienate many of your customers.  One of my friends said they were boycotting REI so I checked the internet to figure out why.  The first thing I saw was support for Black Lives Matters.  You guys can do better.  Equality DOES NOT mean giving blacks preferential treatment.  As far as I can tell REI wasn't doing anything wrong before.  You don't need to change anything.  It seems like you might start doing racist things like going out of your way to donate money to black causes and going out of your way to hire black people.  Donate to those who help EVERYONE.  Hire the best person no matter what color they are.  Be colorblind.  That is the ONLY way we will ever completely eradicate racism.  View everyone as an individual.  Not a black person or white person.  REI, you can do better.  I am disappointed in what I am seeing.

I agree that all lives matter and we should all be color blind. However, after a couple of hundred years of social and economic repression more needs to be done than saying we should all be equal. After a couple of by hundred years of a head start for "white" people building wealth and benefiting from prioritized health and education affirmative action must be taken. Reparations must be made as well as ending racism. The crisis right now is with our black community. That's why black lives matter as the pressing and urgent priority right now. Tomorrow, the crisis may be another religious, ethnic or social group. Today it is black people in our communities. Some need a helping hand because of the impacts of racism. Some just need us to get out of the way and let them take deserved opportunities. They all need our active in "taking individual action". I commend REI for their action.

I also appreciate you " former happy customer" for sharing openly your point of view and for your passion to speak out. I recognize the sense of fairness and desire for an equal and just society that you expressed in your post. I believe we seek the same destination, just have different ideas on how to get there. I look forward to seeing you on the trail 🙂


You conflate race with class.  If fact, you commit the classic definition of racism “race determines behavior”.  Look to help the poor and underserved in our country. Don’t divide along race/color, ask instead by what standard everyone should be judged. 

I agree with FormerHappyCustomer and probably won't shop at REI much anymore. Companies should stay out of politics. Since REI is a co-op, isn't any money they donate really the members' money? If individual members want to donate to NAACP, they are free to do so. I object to members' money being donated without their consent.

So glad to hear this it's unfortunate that I had to find it on a blog as opposed to seeing it on your home page or in an email to members. I've been a co-op member for 10 years. Glad to see you taking a stand... albeit quietly.



Thank you for reaching out and for being a member of our co-op. We appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback, we will make sure we pass it along. We did want to let you know that we did post our statements on our social media feeds (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) as well as here in the community, and on our REI Blog. If you'd like to see the posts, you can view them here, here, and here.

Again, thank you for your feedback and for being a member of our co-op.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi John. Isn't REI "boycotting" Facebook? I'm fairly certain that I read about your company joining Patagonia and The North Face in your boycott of Facebook. Your company seems to have a pattern of supporting liberal causes and now you've taken the unfortunate position of joining the "cancel" culture that is currently plaguing our nation. I strongly oppose boycotts for any reason and I would venture a guess that REI would not welcome a boycott of their company either. I noted with amusement that you took the time to reply to @Corremama's post but not to @FormerHappyCustomer's post. It seems that having an opinion that runs counter to yours doesn't deserve an answer. I'm extremely disappointed that REI seems so reactionary and is so predictably bowing to the leftists bent on destroying our cities and wreaking havoc on small businesses. It would be refreshing for a change to have a company take a leadership role and actually stand up to these anarchists instead of relenting to the pressure from the small but loud "politically correct" crowd. 

@Patriot we appreciate you reaching out with your feedback. When we, as a co-op, make a statement like this one, our goal is for it to stand on its own and we find that getting into a back and forth (especially over the internet) isn't often productive. The one response we provided on this thread was simply to clear up a misunderstanding on the ways we'd originally shared this message. You'll notice a similar pattern from us on this thread, where we only responded to confirm that we had joined #StopHateForProfit and to provide the step for canceling a membership. We hope this makes sense and appreciate you voicing your concern.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.