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Waterproof Tents

I'm looking to buy a 4-person tent.  How can I tell if a tent is waterproof.  I want to stay dry if it rains.


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Most all modern tents are waterproof but you get what you pay for so I'd suggest sticking to known brands. You can also get seam sealer to help seal send where most leaks occur (unless there's a puncture or tear).  There's also waterproofing sprays but you generally don't need that for a new tent.

Don't think that the condensation forming inside the tent is leakage.  That is normal because of your body heat.


@elittleton2121 even though you posted this question on the "Ask an REI Employee" board, you may also get suggestions from other members of the community (like @PokeyOkie). This is a friendly reminder that "only posts from a user with the “REI Employee” rank should be regarded as employee-generated content." That said, the "REI Community Moderator/Manager" are also employees!

In terms of 4-person waterproof tents from REI, typically the base of the tent, the seams and the rainfly will be waterproof, while any mesh sections of a tent won't be (but that's why you'll have a rainfly!). It'll be important to determine how many seasons you intend to use the tent, the typical weather/geography when you'll camp, and the specific features you want in the tent - here's a helpful guide to picking a camping tent. For rainy conditions, it's a good idea to consider using a tent footprint that matches the dimensions of the base of your tent, as extra protection and to ensure water doesn't funnel and pool underneath you while you sleep! Finally, if you live near an REI store, consider making an Outfitting appointment as our employees love to help pick gear! Hope this helps!

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