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Warranty on Komperdell trekking pole

I'm searching for warrantee information Komperdell trekking poles I bought via mail order last year and how I can get a replacement part. 

I saw in the Return Policy where "merchandise purchased after 3/15/19 may be returned once our stores reopen."  I'd just like to get a lower lock clasp that broke on one of my poles.  It looks like it's attached to the upper section though.  

I'd like to get this resolved soon but I realize these times require flexibility, patience and empathy.  I certainly don't want put anyone else at risk for my minutia.

I'd just like to know if and how I can start the process for getting a replacement part.  Should I contact Komperdell directly?


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@graziergeek  thanks for reaching out and I am sorry to hear you have had an issue with your pole.

As you mentioned, with our stores closed it is a bit tricky to source replacement parts from our vendors. If you are looking for a solution in the meantime, I would suggest contacting Komperdell directly. They currently have a message posted on their website offering to assist customers directly. 

Happy trails!

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