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Re: Want to buy GPS Tracker for backpacking


I am interested in the SPOT GPS Gen 3 unit.  Like the price but

reliability is very important.   I don't want a watchband thing.

Features I want are 1.  flexible subscription---I don't need to pay monthly for this service

2.  Reliable emergency communication in back country

3.  Ability to send message home daily that "I'm OK".

Not so important is ability for family to access my exact route.

Are there other brands I should check out?




2 Replies

@SSauter Thanks for reaching out!

I highly recommend looking at these options to see which has the best features that meet your needs. If you're in the lower 48 I think you'll find that both SPOT and Garmin InReach have comparable performance reaching satellites. If you're in Alaska or travelling to remote areas abroad you'll want to check coverage areas to make sure the model you choose will perform there. A lot of it depends on how deep into the backcountry you are planning to go. I highly recommend reading through the robust reviews of these models to see which users might have similar needs for performance that you do.

I hope this helps, thanks!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Get an Inreach Mini, you'll be much happier. Much more reliable than the Spot and works everywhere, including Antartica (confirmed!).