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Vasque Shoelaces

I've purchased 4 pair of Vasque hiking shoes at REI over the past 5 years. The shoelaces are ALWAYS far too long. No more! I am tired of stepping on them and having them come untied. Vasque customer service has been indifferent to my concerns,. I guess I will need to look for another brand an, perhaps, another retailer.

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Can't you cut the shoe aces to whatever length you desire?

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@gf2 thank you for sharing your experience and concern with us. There are a variety of reasons that the laces may be longer in length than you would need but I would assume that this is to create the most flexibility for various lacing options since this can significantly impact the overall fit of the shoes. While you may not need the excess length, another hiker might. Without seeing the shoes and how they are laced, there is a chance that changing your lacing technique can make a difference (sometimes more than a foot!) in the length of the excess lace. If possible, I'd recommend taking the shoes to the experts in your local REI store to see if they can assist you, especially since it sounds like you are otherwise satisfied with the shoes. Some other options would include purchasing a shorter pair of laces or shortening the laces that came with the shoes. I've included some links below to assist you with these options.

Thanks again for reaching out and I hope you find the solution that is right for you. Happy Hiking!

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