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Underwear return question

Hello, I ordered a couple pair Smartwool undies (sport underwear). When they came and I saw them I could tell they were too small, I have a pair of Smartwool undies that I love but they are a different style (PhD seamless). I compared them to the ones I ordered and there was a big size difference, I did not try them on. I kept all the packaging and got a different size. When the new size came I washed both pairs and wore one, within a few hours they had stretched out so much that the leg holes were baggy. I'm bummed because I love my Smartwool PhD seamless. Will I be able to return these? Thanks!


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@pHue Hi there!

Sorry to hear you didn’t get what you were expecting out of your most recent purchases. If you are not satisfied with the product as outlined in our return policy , you can expect a refund.

Thanks for reaching out! 

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