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Trekking Pole Rubber Tips

I'm borrowing some REI Trekking Poles for an upcoming trip. I need rubber tips, but all the tips in the REI store were too big and fell off. I was told the poles must be old... but surely they still make rubber tips for the older poles? Any suggestions other than buying new poles? Thank you! 

2 Replies

@AndieC981 Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately we do not sell rubber walking tips specifically for older trekking poles. I'm not sure which rubber tips you tried at the store, but I looked at the options that we sell and it appears to me that the Leki Fitness Walking Tips had a smaller opening than some of the other ones. It might be worth checking those out to see (if you haven't already).

The only other option I can think of would be to wrap some tape (electrical or duct could work, but something like athletic tape might have better grip) around the end of the trekking pole to make it wide enough to hold the rubber tip on. I would make sure it was okay with the owner of the trekking poles first! You should be able to remove any residue left over from the tape with some rubbing alcohol or Goo Be Gone cleaner when you are finished with your trip.

I hope this helps, best of luck!


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 Thank you for your help! I will try both your suggestions.