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The REI pants

Back in June 2016 I bought some men's pants. They have the REI logo on the side pocket. They had elastic in the waist. Velcro flaps on the pocket covers. Light weight. I wore these pants on my Camino hike. These pants were perfect. I went to REI last night to get some more and they are no longer available.  Why did REI stop carrying them and can I find them anywhere else?

2 Replies

@Bob thanks for reaching out with your concern. Unfortunately, without knowing the exact style of the pants you're referring to, it's hard to say why we stopped carrying them and if you can find them anywhere else. This is probably a better question for our Customer Support team, as they will be able to look up your purchase (if you're an REI member), identify the model specifically, and check current inventory - they will also be able to identify if we perhaps replaced them with a similar model. You can reach them at 1-800-426-4840 or via Live Chat. Hope this helps you track down another pair of favorite pants!

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Jen K,