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Tent Pole replacement


I have a "Half Dome 2+" tent from around 2014, its the orange and grey version. one of the tent poles has snapped and I would like to know if there is the option to buy replacement pole as apposed to replacing the entire tent. Also the bag that the tent gets stored in has become torn up, is that possible to replace also? 


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@yonifried thanks for reaching out!

  • For your broken tent pole, we would recommend reaching out to Tent Pole Technologies - we have worked with them for many years for tent pole repair and replacement.
  • For the bag, while we don't have exact replacements, we do sell stuff sacks that will work - check out these options: the 30L would give you enough width and length to hold the tent and poles!

Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-JenK  When I try to access the site / weblink you suggest - my anti-spyware flags it instantly as a trojan site.  The fact that doing a quick search on the web for tent pole repair doesn't bring forth their name/websit (or any reviews on service) is a further red flag. 

Like so many others - we have a Half Dome 2 with dead poles, barely a few years old.  Sounds like the money is better spent on another tent... but also sounds like it should not be from REI.  



@EAllen we're sorry to hear you're not able to access the Tent Pole Technology website; you can also link to them via their Facebook page. As mentioned above, we have worked with them for years and have referred many customers their way. If it helps, we took a quick screenshot from Yelp, which includes some reviews and also a link to their website as well.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Is Tent Pole Technologies still in business?  I've filled out the form on their webpage twice, with no response.  I've also emailed them, but no response.


Hi @parrotmom - Thanks for reaching out!

Tent Pole Technologies is still in business. When we called to confirm, they let us know that their responses to online inquiries can go to people's spam e-mail folders and that they only respond during their normal business hours Monday - Friday.

If you do not find a response from them in your spam mail and it has been a day or two after a weekend request, your best bet is to call them to ask about getting your tent poles replaced. They can be reached at (360) 260 - 9527. 

Hopefully this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I found a set of tent poles. Would you be interested?


Are these still available? I'm relived to see there's a few of us who are looking for replacements poles! 


Hi are these poles for REI half dome 2+ still available? How could I purchase these?