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Store service

Generally I like your stores.  However, I don’t understand why so many items are unmarked for prices.  I suspect you desire that your sales associates help customers for prices.  I have often left the Tacoma store when prices or help was unavailable.  In those instances I leave the store frustrated and annoyed.  As a result I am much less eager to shop in the store.  I have complained to the staff about the price markings only to be told they couldn’t do much about it.  I end up searching for alternatives to REI.  

2 Replies

@TimOD, thanks so much for reaching out and letting us know about your experience in the Tacoma store; we have forwarded your concern along to the store manager. In the future, if you are in an REI store and have a concern that an employee is unable to help resolve, please don't hesitate to ask to speak with a manager.


Hi TimOD!

I just wanted to share with you my little secret weapon I carry when I'm at the store.  I have the REI app on my phone and when I run into a product with no price, I am able to scan the the barcode within the app.  It provides me with the price and some product info. 

I know the app does not replace the awesome expert service from a green vest, but it helps when all you need is a quick price check. Smiley Happy

This is your REI Co-op!  Your feedback is truly appreciated and valued!  Heart



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