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Specific specs on the Ghost trekking ebike

I’m interested in a Ghost trekking ebike. The 5.8 model on your web site has the Bosch system I’m interested in but the chain ring is listed at 16 teeth. This is crazy small for a road bike. Is this correct? Ghost web site advertises a B.2.8 model with a 38 tooth chain ring. Can I order a B.2.8 or a 5.8 with a 38 tooth chain ring?  Thanks

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Hi @Brandt !

Thanks for the great question! You read the crankset specs correctly- the 5.8 is equipped with a 16t chainring. The important difference is in the drive unit. The 5.8 comes with a Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit- what's special about this motor is that it incorporates an internal gearbox in the unit itself. Pedaling the cranks turns the input shaft, but that 16t chainring is connected to a separate output shaft, so it will actually spin at a faster rpm than you are pedaling, giving you the virtual range of a triple crankset with fewer parts to adjust and maintain.

It's some really cool engineering- the stuff that Bosch is known for, and the end result is lighter weight and a wider gear range than direct-drive motor systems with the crank arm attached directly to the chainring.

Hope this helps! Enjoy your new 5.8- its an awesome bike!

Feel free to reply with any other questions or stop by your local REI Co-op to talk with an expert there!


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