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spare tents for people in Puerto Rico during earthquake crisis


Just came back from Puerto Rico and the situation there is crazy. Folks are sleeping outside of their homes and some in tents, but they need more. Many of the homes there are in danger of collapsing due to faulty construction and/or not adhering to codes. our house only had tiles crack, but others, especially the ones standing on columns are already wobbly.

Not sure how we can do this, but it would be a really great thing if you guys were able to donate some tents to families in need, at a dire time in need.

I know some local groups down there that would distribute the tents as well. I know RedBull is sending people this Friday to help with lighting and water filters. A friend of mine is part of that team.

Any questions, let me know





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I would think tents available from the military would be far more suitable, and readily available,than the usual items carried by civilian stores.

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@77 thank you for your thoughtful suggestion in our community. In the aftermath of a natural disaster in the communities we serve, the co-op often looks to provide both humanitarian aid and support for long-term recovery for the recreation landscape that has been affected. Here is an example of the co-op’s engagement from the aftermath of California’s wildfires. While it is unlikely the co-op will be able to provide direct assistance for every disaster (including Puerto Rico), we do recognize the growth of natural disasters are part of the larger climate crisis and we are keeping this in mind as we build future donation strategies.

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