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Sleeping pad leak - valve area

My Rei Coop 2.5" self inflating Campbed sleeping pad is leaking where the fabric is sealed to the valve 'base'. Bubbles appear to come from the furthest point away from the valve on both sides when submersed underwater. The fabric looks like it is sealed, but air comes out here slowly. Can this be fixed?

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Thanks for reaching out, although we're sorry it is because you're having this issue with your sleeping pad. Unfortunately, it sounds like the adhesive that bonds the fabric of your sleeping pad to the valve piece is no longer holding and it is allowing air through. There is no easy fix for this issue, as we do not have replacement valves and it sounds like there isn't much room (given your description of the leak) to try to re-apply the adhesive between the fabric and the valve.  You may be able to use an adhesive to 'seal' the hole from the outside, however, it's durability will depend on the strength of the adhesive and how much pressure is put on the system when someone is sleeping on the pad (it might hold just fine when inflated and sitting on the floor or when you test it underwater). If you go this route make sure you read the label carefully as you'll want to use an adhesive that works on nylon fabric.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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This may be a common problem, I just checked my two leaking pads and they are leaking from the Same area where the valves are attached to the pad,  no abuse just not attached well


One year return is not any help. These are $100 plus pads, well cared for, that are simply failing at the valve to fabric bond. I've go three that no longer hold air. REI should offer an exchange.