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Shoe purchase during pandemic?



I'm in need of new hiking shoes and wondering what policies are these germy days in regards to trying on shoes at the store? I'm super picky when it comes to shoe fit and can't imagine just buying something online. Thanks!

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I was in a similar spot when everything was closed.  I ended up buying 3 pair, trying them on and.testing them at home and returning the two pair that didn't work.

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@dsaxena_pdx Thanks for reaching out!

Given how personal (and important!) the right fit can be for a pair of shoes, we totally understand the desire to try them on to make sure. If your local REI store is open for in-store shopping, you can try on shoes there. Shoe fitting looks a little bit different, however, with line queueing, social distancing for fit services, and customers must bring their own socks for trying footwear on. For any other questions, feel free to check out our FAQs.

Hopefully this helps, good luck finding a great fitting shoe!

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