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Shipping charges for REI Used Gear website.

Has anyone noticed that the used gear site adds additional "shipping surcharges" to items seemingly at random. 

 It does not seem to be based on product size or weight, as often lighter or smaller items have surcharges and heavier larger ones do not. 

I've noticed this mostly in tents. Tbh I think the 7.50 + 3.50 per item is outrageous to begin with, especially when we are talking about a $300+ tent,but to just add an additional charge. . . 


Here's my theory. The company that does the used gear adds a surcharge to "fast movers" so they get an additional untaxed kickback they don't have to share with REI/Patagonia/ etc. 

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One thing we appreciate about our online community is the ability to hear directly from our members, whether we met your expectations or missed the mark. Per the FAQ page for the Used Gear siteCustomer paid shipping charges are $7.50 for the first item and $3.50 for each additional item in an order. Additionally, the ‘shipping surcharge’ is a combination the volume and weight of an item. We apologize for any confusion. If you would like to pass your feedback about the used gear site along, you can email your comments to

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and thank you for being a member of our co-op.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Here are a few examples currently for sale on your site, the stated package size and item weights. This contradicts your explanation. 

REI co-op screen house 9x29 13lb no surcharge


Marmot amp 2p tent 19.7x8.6 3lb 5oz $5 surcharge


Big Agnes Bird Beak SL3 Tent 22.5x7.5 6lb 6oz no surcharge


Nemo Blaze 1p tent 15x4 2lb has added $5 surcharge 






We appreciate your thorough follow up. Here in the digital community we do not have access to more information or detail about the Used Gear site than we have already provided. If you would like to send your feedback directly to the team that works with the Used Gear site, we recommend using the email address supplied in our previous response. Otherwise, we will be happy to send the information to them on your behalf.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.