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Sherlock walking stick replacement tip

I have an old Sherlock walking stick and lost the protective tip... the part that is used on floors, cement.  Is there any way I can get another.  Thank you.



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@Karen Thanks for reaching out!

We are sorry to hear that you've lost the protective tip to your walking stick. Unfortunately, we do not carry any replacement parts for that particular style of walking stick. It appears as though it is a very specific piece that threads on to the end. We do carry some replacement rubber tips for our trekking poles, but unfortunately none that would be exactly compatible with the one that you have. Your best bet would be to head into your local REI store and see if some of the rubber walking tips we carry might work with your walking stick.

Hope this helps, have a great day!

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If REI doesn't have anything that fits then you might want to look at eBay. Search for something like "walking stick rubber tip." There are dozens for sale. Perhaps you can find something that fits.

Failing that, if this stick is important to you then you might want to look for a hobbyist or small machine shop in your area who could adapt a standard tip (e.g. for Leki) to fit your stick. In my experience some people like a challenge so if you can find the right person this might not be very expensive.


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Thank you.  That may be our next option,  we went to a wine/beer supply store and found some corks that may work.  If we fit a nut inside one cork that can screw onto the metal tip and glue 2. Orbs together it just might work.

tx for the eBay suggestion.  I’ll try that too.