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Sealline 30 liter dry bag - question about the dimensions


I  hope this is the right venue for a question. I need a dry bag for a large camera holster. The dimensions of this dry bag are specified as 12 x 7 x 20.

Are the 7 and 12 inch dimensions representative of a rectangle that could be passed through the top? In other words, if the bag is open, are these the length and width of the opening?

My holster top has a circumference of about 32 inches, and is roughly square, so I think this ought to work.


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@tomwild this is the perfect venue for your question - glad you found us! Assuming you're looking at the SealLine Discovery Dry Bag, the bag will be 7" x 12" at the top opening, then 20" tall/deep. Here's a picture that might illustrate the dimensions best; although it's a different SealLine bag, the image was the most helpful for drawing the dimensions of the bag you're considering:


It sounds like the rectangular box you're describing may not fit this bag as the top opening may be too small at only 7" x 12". Hope this helps; let us know if you have additional questions!

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Thanks so much for the detailed response. You're right - it's just a bit too small.