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Round up on purchases be it online or in a REI store

I have written before board members and other folks at REI to consider to start a "round up" on your purchase both online and at a REI store.  That monetary change that would occur when you rounded up your purchase  could go to help the many programs that REI donates funds to to support those causes.   It would not be a requirement that one would have to pay the round up  ie.   the purchase was $23.70 and you could ask that be rounded up and thus your total purchase would be $24.  The difference of 30 cents would then go to again one of the REI programs they fund etc.   Bass Pro and Cabelas does this and I like the concept .   

Again have sent sent this suggestions to the folks at the headquarters last year and this year prior to the zoom virtual meeting and have never heard back either time. 


Hope someone from REI at this communication level can get it passed on to the appropriate folks

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@pastymon thanks so much for reaching out (again) with this suggestion! Over the years, some REI stores have done "round up your change" initiatives to raise money for local non-profits and, to a varying degree, these have been successful. It's certainly a concept that we are still interested in pursuing, especially at a more holistic level across the co-op, so we appreciate you continuing to make the suggestion as it reinforces that there's interest out there from our members!

In the meantime, we are directing customers who have an interest in supporting local nonprofits to the REI Outdoor Emergency Fund. Thanks again for reaching out and know that we have passed your suggestion along!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

The yearly meeting again is coming up for REI and this great company and organization is second to none so keep up the great work.   

I again would like to see if someone could bring the idea up to the Board Members to deliberate and come up with a "round up"  on ones purchase concept.   Again the  monetary change can be put to good use with the many programs REI supports .  Who do you contact to pass this idea on within the REI administration to then get it on a docket to research the idea and vote on it.  I would like to see what the Board Members feel about this especially when we vote for this body of leaders to keep REI not only viable and strong now but for future generations.

Hi @pastymon - Thank you for reaching out on this topic again! Hearing feedback from customers is one of the reasons we are most excited about this digital community. We appreciate you taking the time to bring this suggestion back into conversation before the yearly meeting. We will make sure it pass your suggestion along. 

Thank you for being a co-op member and voicing what is important to you!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.