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Return policy ethics?

One of the main things that drew me to REI was the one year return policy.  I had no idea what I was doing (had done a lot of car camping, ATV camping and a few one or two night trips but nothing longer and nothing consistent), so the ability to get good advice on gear, buy it and then have a full year to return it was (and still is) amazing.  I've bought almost all of my current gear from REI and don't see that changing.  I've returned a few things (usually because I couldn't decide which I liked better and wanted to take it home to play with side by side before deciding.  Sometimes one item went back, sometimes I just ended up with two :)) but have tried to be veru frugal with my use of the return policy.  

Now though, I'm in a bit of a quandary that I thought others may have experienced and wanted to crowd source some advice.  At one point, my son was going to go out with me on many of my adventures so we bought him gear too.   He's lost interest but I've been able to loan his gear to friends or use it myself so I've kept it.  We bought him some shoes though (Solomon) that he's worn two or three times and theyre basically just collecting dust now.  I'd love to return them but its been about 9 months or so and I don't have the box and I just feel weird about returning them just because.  Anyone got any thoughts?  Is that a legitimate use of the return policy or an abuse?  Thank you in advance for any direction. 

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Hi @nathanu !  

First, my compliments and commendations to you for your integrity.  There are so many people out there that think only of themselves and don't seem to give a **bleep** how there actions and attitudes affect others.  It is refreshing to hear from someone who actually does have a conscience and cares,


Now, as to your conundrum, I certainly understand and appreciate you struggling with this decision.  I guess you should look at it this way.  Are the shoes still in good enough condition that you would feel comfortable buying them at an REI Garage Sale, or off the Used Gear site?  If so, returning them could help someone else, possibly with less financial means, to better enter and enjoy the outdoors.  This would be especially true if you think the shoes would just sit unused or be discarded.

Do you think your son might drift back to outdoor pursuits and have a use for them in the not too distant future?  If so, it may be best to hold on to them for him.

If neither of those options appeals to you, maybe consider donating them.

Thanks again for being considerate.  You have restored my faith in humanity.  😀 

@Rob6 , thank you for your quick reply and kind words. 

The shoes are still in excellent condition and I hadn't thought about the Garage Sale angle.