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Request different colors of products you sell already

Hi, I've been wanting to buy the Fire belly Kammock quilt in granite for my set up from REI for a while but I haven't seen it. The orange is nice but honestly it hurts my eyes looking at it & it's not really the color I'd like mixing with the color set up I have going. Any chance you can start selling the Fire belly Kammock quilt in granite? And maybe in amounts that wont sell out ASAP when they come out? Please and Thank you 

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@YaNervous Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, REI does not have plans to carry that item in the future. It also appears as though Kammok does not have any in stock. If you would like to purchase this item through REI, you can place what is known as a 'special order'. A special order can only be done in your local REI Store and shipping, availability, and timeline is up to the vendor and can be variable. 

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, we have sent your feedback along to our buying team for future consideration.

Hope this helps!

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