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Replacement pieces for an REI Co-op Kingdom cot?

Hello. I have a frame to a Kingdom Cot 3 (Item #892837). Unfortunately the cot fabric portion was irreparably mangled by a wild animal. How can I purchase a replacement bedding?

Thank you in advance!


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Thanks for reaching out and we're sorry to hear about your cot! Unfortunately, we do not carry replacement parts for the REI Co-op Kingdom cot, which doesn't leave many options to repair yours. While it is a long shot, you may want to keep your eye out at your local REI store garage sale. You may come across a Kingdom cot there that has the pieces you need that are in good enough shape to salvage your frame into a functional cot again.

We're sorry we don't have any better options for you, good luck!

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Hey Angela (@angrsand),

We've got a cot with a bent frame. You could use the bedding on ours, or we could use your frame.


That's what I like about this site!!

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Where are you located? I don't need the cot, and would be happy to send the frame to you, if you want to pay for shipping! I am located in Asheville, NC, in case you're nearby. 



@angrsand @Jsueltenfuss we sure hope this works out! If you decide to exchange a mailing address, we'd advise using the direct message function here in the community so you don't share too much personal information with the broad community (and world wide web)!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Not sure how to do the direct message on here, but we're in Fort Collins. All we need is the horseshoe shaped leg rest that folds out. It's held on by one bolt on either side. I'd be happy to pay for shipping to keep this thing useable!


@Jsueltenfuss - To send a direct message, you will click on @angrsand's username, then click "View Profile. Once on the profile, on the top right you should see a green "Send Message" button. Let us know if that doesn't work and we'll get it figured out. Love seeing you all keep things in use with this exchange!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I need one of the ratcheting clamps from the older version of this cot.  It was item #765277 and was called the Comfort Cot.  Anybody have a broken one that I could salvage the clamp from?