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REI Trailbreak vs REI Traverse: What are the main differences?


I've been looking at getting a larger pack to eventually get outside a little further away. I like the price and size of the Trailbreak but I'm curious about the $100 price disparity between it and the Traverse 70. Are there major differences in features, materials, construction, etc? 


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Hello there!  Thanks for reaching out with your question! Some of the basic differences between the packs have to do with sizing and additional features. 

The  trailbreak pack comes in one size that is pretty flexible to help accommodate a variety of torsos but many get a better fit with a pack that comes in a variety of sizes as the Traverse does. 

Also, the Traverse pack comes with a rain cover and a detachable day pack. These are not features of the trailbreak. 

There are some good reviews from users of the Traverse pack whereas the Trailbreak is pretty new and I found just one detailed review. However, it was pretty detailed and might be worth reading over as you make your decision. 

REI Trailbreak 

Hope this helps and I’m sure some of my fellow Green Vests might chime in too!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@Marcus Great question!

@REI-AlyS did a great job getting you the main differences between these packs with the included rain cover, detachable day pack, and broader size range offered in the Traverse pack. Here are a couple of other differences between the two backpacks:

  • The Traverse backpack also offers 'REI UpLift' technology that helps pull your load up and in closer to your center of gravity to help with balance and stability. 
  • The Traverse line of packs not only comes in more sizes (the Trailbreak 60 is only one size that has an adjustable torso length) but it also has a hipbelt and shoulder harness that can be swapped out for different sizes depending on your needs.
  • Both packs are made of ripstop nylon. However the Trailbreak frame is made of spring steel and the Traverse frame is made of aluminum.
  • While the Traverse is almost a pound heavier (depending on the size you need) you are gaining 10+ liters of space as well as almost twice the number of pockets.

Hope this helps make your decision, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.