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REI survey benchmark magnets/ pins

Hello! Once upon a time various REI stores sold (or maybe even gave) small magnet replicas of  the  survey benchmarks that can be found near the front of many stores.  They were about 2" across, silver in color, similar to the ones a lot of the National Parks have in their gift shops for mementoes. I was wondering if you might consider stocking these in your stores again one day?  I realize being in the middle of a pandemic is not likely the time you want to think about adding a new product, esp. one related to travel, but maybe one day in the future?  We have one from Berkeley and Dublin (CA), and asked about them when we were in Denver, but no-one there had ever seen one. Thanks!


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@Jen_Aerick Thanks for reaching out!

This isn't something we're familiar with, so it may be that only a couple of stores had those made. Would you be willing to provide some more detail and perhaps a photo? Do you know when you purchased them? We will pass along the idea to our teams for future consideration.


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 Hey @REI-JohnJ I believe these are the benchmarks that @Jen_Aerick is referring to. Jen, if these are the ones you're talking about, I don't recall us selling them. I was given these because these are the stores I've either worked in or helped open, but they were limited in quantities and I didn't receive them from stores that I've worked in that had been open a long time (Raleigh, Paradise Valley, etc). Did you go to the Dublin and Berkeley grand openings, by chance? That's generally around the time that these pins are floating around (assuming these are the ones you're talking about). 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

The salespeople at the new Tampa REI store have Tampa survey marker lapel pins.  Where can I buy 2 of them to wear while hiking?



Thank you for reaching out!

If you are referencing a pin similar to the ones in the photo above (but for Tampa) those are specially made for the employees opening a new REI store. As such, they are not available to purchase. We will be sure to pass along the desire for an item like this for our customers.


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I am not familiar with such magnets but think they are a great idea. Pins would be great too!

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