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REI Quarter Dome tent 1 person tent

my tent poles for the REI Quarter Dome 1 person Tent have lost their elasticity, they don't snap back in place.  Can i purchase a set of new poles?

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Good morning! Shock cord stretch is a completely normal process and replacing it is eventually something we all deal with, kind of like changing the oil in your car, except far less often, haha! We don't sell a new set of poles, but Tent Pole Technologies will work directly with you and repair your cordage; just fill out the form, mail your poles to them, and they'll replace the shock cord and mail them back to you. 

If you want to tackle a self repair job, here's a decent video we put together on how to repair your own poles: Repairing Shock Cord 

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I also have this tent.  To my great embarrassment, I left the poles at a campsite, never to see them again...

I contacted REI, they recommended somebody, they sold me a new set of poles, exact match for about $100 bucks (ouch)

this was probably.....uhmmmm, 8-9yrs ago(?)

my golden rule when breaking camp...'let's look around, make sure we didn't forget Phil's tent poles, lol"

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thank you, they just referred me to tent pole technologies who will replace the shock cord.

I have always "policed" the campsite before leaving just for that same reason as well as trying to reduce my footprint as much as possible.


I recently had to adjust the tension in my shorter poles. I pulled out about five to six inches, cut off the end, and reconnected to the end. The poles do not snap back quickly, but they no longer sag. When the bungee eventually wears out, I will replace the entire cord.

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thank you, they just referred me to tent pole technologies who will replace the shock cord.

I have no snap left in the cord.  keep this on file so you have it when you need to do the same thing.