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REI mastercard for REI Adventures

Can you explain the benefits of the REI mastercard when used for REI Adventures trips? I have read through the posted FAQ and it is a bit disjointed, so I am looking for some confirmations.

The card accrues 5% of the trip cost towards your annual REI dividend (when used to pay invoice)? And it can further be beneficial if you pay for you next trip with your dividend and REI will match 50% of that dividend contribution? Do I have that right?

I assume the dividend (from Adventures) pays out the following March and is lumped into the regular dividend?



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Thanks for reaching out!

You are correct on all fronts! If you use your card to pay for an REI Adventure trip you accrue 5% dividend on the REI Adventure travel-invoiced trip payments. Any REI dividend you use to pay for the trip, REI will match 50% of that contribution. The dividend earned on the REI Adventure trip pays out the following March with your regular dividend.

It sounds like you've got some exciting plans in the works, if you are willing to share we'd love to hear more about your trip!

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived.

Excellent; thanks for confirming!

My girlfriend and I had an amazing time on our REI Adventures trip to Peru in 2019. We quickly decided to sign up for a trip to Colombia for 2020, but alas covid hit and we pushed it back to 2021. Hoping things get better soon!