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REI Mastercard Fail. No to Capital One

I'm disappointed that Eric Artz has made the executive decision to move the credit card to Capital One. I have done business with Capital One in the past and I have vowed to never use their services again due to terrible customer service. I also Bank with US Bank and having my accounts with one bank has made managing my finances much easier. I will no longer be using my account once it switches over and my business will go elsewhere. 

I have tried continuously to contact someone at corporate to discuss my frustration and I get put into the REI carousel. It's sad to see REI slipping into the corporate culture. Time to shop locally owned businesses. 


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@yahtz21 - One of the reasons we are excited about this community is the chance for members to share their feedback with us. Thanks for taking the time to reach out about this.

If interested, you can look through the REI x Capital One FAQ page. In addition to the information it hosts now, we plan to continue to update it based on the questions customers are asking.

Hopefully this helps.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks for the copy pasta. It doesn't help. 


I have been with CapitalOne for more than a decade. Most of my saving are parked at CapitalOne.

Recently my experience with CapitalOne has not been great. I am in the process of moving my money elsewhere.

REI's move to CapitalOne is not going to work for me either.

CapitalOne corporate office is most welcome to contact me.

I have had checking, savings and credit card accounts with Capital One for more than five years. I have three credit cards with them and four with US Bank, including my REI card. Capital One has a better app. I prefer Capital One and I'm happy about this change. I have over a dozen credit cards with about eight companies and manage my finances fine.


Neat, so we should all be just like you?