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REI Coop Balance Bike Inflate Tires

Hello, my son has the REI balance bike with the inflatable tires.  He loves the bike and has enjoyed using it for a while now.  The tires have lost some air and I need to refill them, the tire tube stem has some sort of child and perhaps dad proof stem cap on it.  I am having trouble removing the stem cap so that I can attach the bike pump and refill the tires.  Does anyone have any tips on doing this, I might be missing something and perhaps it's just an easy solution that I'm not familiar with.  I have tried pinching and turning but that doesn't seem to work.  Thanks

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@Ronak we are so sorry we haven't replied to your question yet - we just discovered that your post was marked incorrectly by the system as spam (it's a learning tool and clearly needs to keep learning). We'll try to get someone to help with your question today! @REI-ReinkeM@REI-JacintaH@REI-CassidyT@REI-MeganR@REI-BryanV@REI-AliciaG@REI-JebM@REI-JessieD        

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@Ronak, I have the same balance bike for my son so I know they can be a pain sometimes. If you push on them while turning, similar to a medicine bottle cap, they should come off with a little persistence. If the tire is low you may need to hold valve stem in place while pushing and turning with the other hand. 

Let us know if this did the trick.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @Ronak 

These are in fact child proof valve stem caps. Imagine opening a pill bottle and use that same motion. It will probably require a bit more force than you are used to. 

Hope this helps your son get back out there!

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