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Rei card member: feedback on the US Bank credit card.

REI card member service is trash. I don't want to talk to an automated message for 20 minutes to make a payment or jump through cryptic hoops for US bank to create an account. Why is it so tedious to make payments? hate the card member service. On a more positive note, customer service in the store is always awesome and I love shopping there.  Card service is trash though.

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Thank you for reaching out with your feedback, although we are sorry it is because you are frustrated with your experience making a payment. We appreciate hearing from our members and customers. We will be sure to pass your message to the appropriate team.

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I would like to emphasize the feedback provided by the OP of this thread. I've had the card for maybe 6 months and US Bank has mishandled 3 of my payments by either drawing from my checking account multiple times, or not drawing it at all and retroactively assessing late fees. All of these situations require hours-long interactions with their customer service in order to be escalated to the appropriate level. I have never had issues like this with any other national bank. I love REI and their mission, but this experience makes me not want to use the card at all.


I've had the card from US bank for several years, have never had a problem with payments or anything else. I do everything on their website. I actually have a company credit card through them too, and have never had any issues with it either, although I don't pay that bill, I just charge stuff I need for work. I will mention though, that the absolute worst bank that I've ever dealt with is ..... well, it's a toss-up between Capital One  and Bank of America... I'll never go back to either of them.


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