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REI boycott

Hello REI,


  I have enjoyed patronizing your stores for many years and finally became a member in 2008. I am informed that you have made a stance against Facebook for reasons which you find important to you. I also believe that is important to take action when I find it necessary. As a result of your actions, my family and I will no longer make any purchases from REI.


  I do not have any affiliation with Facebook, and have never had a Facebook account.


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odd, but ok, to each his own, I'll still go with the best deal I can find, and am pretty happy with REI.  I guessed I missed the REI-FB issue, meh!  I'm pretty happy with REI's stances on stuff.

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If REI thought posting these statements and boycotting good companies would not have a lasting negative effect, I just became aware and cancelled my $1200.00 order.

Here we are 3 months later, and I could not agree more with you. This and I have just learned that most of their products are manufactured in China!! Anti-American, PRO-CHINA? I am devastated. It's crazy what you find doing a little digging. 

I will never support this company again, and I will help my fellow Americans by informing EVERYONE I know about this. 

Would someone please be kind enough to clearly explain what the issue(s) are?

If products manufactured abroad, especially in China, is the issue, please get real.  I just received a very nice gift and the literature with it stated 'Designed in Texas, manufactured in China."

it is  very fine item indeed.


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Yeah, I'd like to know what the issue is too. 

I try as often and as much as possible/given a choice to buy USA made goods. Though given the world economy it's a bit harder to do.


REI censored a comment I posted about the importance of not buying anything made in China.


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