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Rehire employees?

It’s great you guys furloughed store staff and leadership took temporary pay cuts...  but you seem to have left out where you laid off a ton of people.  Did you use the pandemic as a secret excuse to do a re-org or something?  I can see why you wouldn’t want to tell the public...  but hiding it from us - really ???

I really hope you do the right thing and rehire all those people.  Seems like you’re into doing the right thing.


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@bchiker thank you for reaching out to us with this concern; one of the reasons we're happy to have this online community is our ability to hear directly from our members and customers with their feedback, questions and concerns. We wanted to re-share our CEO's announcement from early April about stewarding the co-op through unprecedented times, which included discussion of pay cuts, furloughs, and lay-offs.

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