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recommendations on easy, 'pop-up' tent for camping

I plan on doing a road trip this summer, and plan to car camp along the way. I have a few tents, but they all take quite a bit to set up - not impossible, but more difficult for just one person.

I was just looking online and I see a couple of 'pop-up' or 'instant' tents, which they claim are really easy for just one person to set up i a few minutes.

I'm wondering if you have any recommendations for this type of tent, either from REI or somewhere else. I is just for one person, but I'd like a bit of room for a cot (not sleeping on the ground).

Some tents I've seen mentioned are Hewolf Instant Pop-up ($81), Gazelle 22272-T4 ($390), and Sartneer Instant Pop-up. Quite a range in price, though I know nothing about any of these.

Kind regards, David.

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@freedda Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, REI does not carry any 'pop-up' style tents. However, we do carry a couple of 4-person styles that are pretty simple to set up. Check these out:

Both of these tents have symmetrical poles so they are very easy to set up, even for one person! They are also big enough that you could get a cot inside and have a little bit of room to move around. Perhaps another user in the community can weigh in here who has experience using one of the 'pop-up' style tents.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks John. What do you mean by 'symmetrical poles'? I have a few tents now where I 'unfold' the tent poles and then 'run' them through eye-lets on the tent .... Sort of the standard way tents get set up - at least as of a few years ago!

And is there any particular reason you don't carry the 'pop-up' type tents?

@freedda Good question!

'Symmetrical' meaning that both poles are the same so you don't have to worry about mixing them up. It's pretty standard for a 'dome-style' tent, but there are a lot of variations in tent pole structures now that can get pretty confusing sometimes!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks. I think one of my tents is a Kelty. Since I'm car camping I suppose I could keep the poles in the eye-lets, making it that much easier to set up when I need to.

And maybe you missing it - any particular reason REI doen'st carry these types of tents?



I apologize, I did miss that question. I'll have to check in with our product team on that one, I'll reach out to them and get back to you!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.