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Rainfly recommendation to cover two hammocks side by side

My husband and I are using two REI co-op flash hammocks side by side, strapped to the same two trees and separated with a tandem bar. We need a rain fly that will comfortably cover both hammocks  to protect us from wind and Rain. Any suggestions?

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@kf Thanks for reaching out!

While REI doesn't carry a hammock rainfly specifically for use with a tandem bar, we do carry a few XL options that should work: the REI Co-op Hammock Rainfly XL and the ENO ProFly XL Hammock Rain Tarp are both worth checking out. The REI Rainfly is two inches wider (at 112" vs 110"), which is the main concern when considering weather protection for two hammocks. If pitched as a 90 degree triangle that will give you a base width of about 80", which should be adequate for hanging your hammocks, however, it will be snug if the weather is bad. 

These calculations are based on the ENO Fuse Hammock system, the bar of which is 31" wide. If you have a different one then you'll want to rework the math for your specific scenario. With a 31" wide bar and an estimation of 15" of hammock on each side (pretty generous), this system is about 61" wide. If you click on the link for the Fuse system and look at the photos you can see a picture of the tandem system being used with the ENO ProFly XL Rain Tarp to get an idea of the coverage.

Lastly, if you're concerned about adequate coverage with either of those two options, you could look at a different tarp option, such as the REI Co-op Quarter Dome SL Tarp, which would give you a few more inches of width (115") to work with.

Hope this helps!

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