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Rainfly for the Quarter Dome 2 of the Year 2015

In 2015 I made a big biking trip from San Diego to St Augustin in Florida. When I was crossing Phoenix, Arizona I bought at the REI store a new tent: a Quarter Dome 2. The tent is stille very fine, but the Rainfly is'nt. 

My question: is it possible to order a new rainfly for the tent and send it to me in the Netherlands??


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@Eddy thanks for reaching out; sorry to hear the rainfly is no longer fine. Unfortunately, we do not sell the rainfly separately so here are a few alternate options to consider:

  • Contact Rainy Pass to inquire about having a new rainfly made for your Quarter Dome 2. We work with Rainy Pass a lot around gear repair and replacement; they use technical fabrics and know our products well.
  • Without knowing what's wrong with your current rainfly, there are a number of products that can help with care and repair, like seam sealers and waterproofing.
  • While not ideal from a breathability and fit perspective, a last resort might be a tarp.

Hope one of these options helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

found this on the Rainy Pass website today:

A note about rain flies: We get many inquiries about replacing lost or damaged rain flies. We can repair most problems on a ripped or damaged rain fly, but we CANNOT make you a new rain fly from scratch. We suggest checking out eBay or craigslist to see if you can buy the rain fly for your specific tent model from a private seller.

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@Philreedshikes thanks for bringing this to our attention! We'll make sure the REI team knows so we don't send folks to Rainy Pass with a request that isn't feasible.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I think I have the same tent.  I lost the pole set once and REI (or somebody) was able to recommend a company that sold replacement sets (thank God), $100++

If I lost the rainfly, I would buy a lightweight  tarp with grommets in all corners and just stake it down.  There a MANY choices available for extremely lightweight/durable tarps.

The hammock industry is also a great source of this kind of stuff.

My sincere condolences.

Here's a picture of my quarter dome T2 in Iceland last summer.


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another question-  the instructions say to maintain the zippers beet,  shake and clear the dirt off the tent after use and then apply silicone-  can you recommend the right silicone product to keep the quarter dome zippers fresh and zippy ?