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Rain fly for Kelty Discovery 4 torn


We bought a Kelty Discovery 4 tent a few years ago. A strong wind send it flying down the street, which tore up the fly. How can I get a replacement?

All the best,


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Hi @DrG - Thanks so much for reaching out, although we're sorry it's because your rainfly is torn. Unfortunately, we do not have a replacement rainfly available at REI and are not aware of another vendor who makes or sells them on their own either. With this being a common question asked here in the community, we have sent this feedback to our buyers for consideration about offering replacement rainflies in the future. 

If you need a replacement rainfly in the short term, a generic tarp could do the trick, even though it won't be as ideal as the one made for the Kelty Discovery 4 due to weight, fit and lack of breathability.

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Hi @DrG , without a photo of the damage, it's hard to advise, but is it possible to just to duct tape the rip?

It may not look the best,but it could prolong the life of the tent for a few more years.

I repair many holes or rips in my tent with my medical tape, which amazingly, has held up for years!

good luck

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