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Questions Regarding REI Classes for Cycling


I had some questions regarding the classes that REI offers for cycling

1) Flat Tire repair workshop - is this workshop appropriate to take if you have tubeless tires?

2) Mountain Biking Skills - Level 2. What should you already know and be able to do before taking this class? Do you also need a certain fitness level?



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1) The Flat Tire Repair Workshop is certainly relevant if you have tubeless tires because tubeless systems often require the installation of a tube in the field if the system fails (tire is damaged, sealant is dry, etc). Whether or not the class is appropriate for your needs depends on your level of comfort changing tires/tubes. Removing/re-installing wheels and installing tubes is experience and information that is still very much needed for tubeless systems in case of emergency. If your wheels are currently set up tubeless, we will provide a wheel/tire/tube for you to practice on so that you do not need to disrupt your current tubeless system. If you are already comfortable changing tires/tubes and are looking for specific instructions for refreshing sealant and patching a tubeless tire using a plug, etc., that content will not necessarily be covered as part of the cirriculum (however you can certainly ask the technician and/or shop for more information on this before or after the workshop)!

2) Before taking a Level 2 Skills class, I would recommend that you feel comfortable and confident riding “green” or “easy” rated mountain bike trails generally speaking and have spent a minimum of about one season and/or at least 25hrs riding a mountain bike on single-track trails (narrow enough for only one user). To get the most out of a Level 2 class, you will need to be able to comfortably coast out of your seat with your pedals parallel to the ground, as well as brake and steer confidently on flat to gently sloped single-track terrain. There are a variety of different “Level 2” skills classes offered across the country by REI, so I would also recommend contacting your local store and asking them to connect you with the “Outdoor School” for more information and advice on their specific program if you have further questions.  

The fitness level for these skills classes is considered “easy active” (not “moderate” or “vigorous”) meaning that it does not require that you exercise multiple times a week to feel comfortable in the class. Typically if it is a 2 hour class, most of the time will be spent in a defined open area with level ground to allow plenty of room for skills practice and this does not require a significant amount of cardiovascular fitness or activity, simply the ability to move comfortably with your bike.

I hope this helps!

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