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questions about a cancelled order

I ordered a solo stove order  and the order was cancelled.  I used a $100 gift card.  I did receive an email that looks like REI will be sending a new one in the mail.  Is that correct?  Also, I received a check for under $20 in the mail from REI.  Can you tell me what that was for? 

Will you be getting Solo stoves in for order?  I looked online and it says they are still on back order for a month, but you can still order them.  I am confused why the order was cancelled and I was not just able to wait for a shipment.

I appreciate your help, Dawn

2 Replies

Hello there @hammons1975 !

Sorry that you have experienced trouble with your recent order.  Unfortunately, here in the Community, we do not have access to specific customer orders or member information. 

I can answer however a few questions about your refund.  Typically, the gift card would be refunded by issuing a new one.  As far as the check that you received, it may be for another form of payment you used...did you potentially use your dividend?  

As I mentioned, unfortunately we are limited in our access to the order you mentioned but our Contact Center would be able to explain in detail what happened and how to proceed.  I will apologize in advance that call wait times are longer than usual during this time due to the extremely high call volume.

You will notice I removed some of your personal information so as to protect your privacy.  Thanks again for reaching out to us!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@hammons1975 it would be helpful to know which specific Solo Stove you are considering; we can check in with our buyer for more information about stock levels and anticipated dates when we'll be back in-stock. The cancellation may have been a result of our sudden store closures, where orders were stuck in transit and had to be cancelled, or a result of an unexpected extension of the back-order, which our system may auto-cancel. Connection with our Customer Support team, as @REI-AlyS mentioned, is the best way to know for sure what happened with your order!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.